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There exists, in the shadows, a secret society of lupine wildlings and their loyalists. Calling themselves “The Wolf Cult”, these Worgen packs make up the legacy of Alpha Prime, the first worgen. Some stalk the forests of shadow, while others walk among you as wolves in sheep's clothing. Proud of the bestial blood in their veins, and unwilling to return to the pollution of civility, they of the Wolf Cult fight to defend their territory, to protect their own, and to ensure the survival - and continuance - of their race. Now, some among them emerge from the shadows, in search of kindred spirits. Winter is here. The wolves howl. And soon comes the spring of our new awakening.


The Lore

“The Wolf Cult” is a secret society buried deep within the darkest corners of Worgen lore. A chaotic-neutral faction with their own agenda, the various branches are known for their positive stance towards the curse they call a blessing.

While the Wolf Cult is mentioned in-game in places like Duskwood and the Grizzly hills, the most notable of sources come from the Blizzard World of Warcraft comics "Curse of the Worgen" and its prequel, "Dark Riders". In "Curse of the Worgen", we are shown how the Wolf Cult operates in Human affairs, gaining allies and aspirants alike. In Dark Riders, we are introduced to the Wolf Cult as a tribal culture, as Worgen living within Duskwood's shadowy embrace.


The RP Group

My friends and I in have, over the course of a year, fully explored this topic and have worked to make it into a Worgen-focused roleplay group to bring this secret society to life like never before. The community features frequent events, such as a weekly optional campaign night, lore night, class RP events, and casual meets. We communicate heavily through our Discord server, which has a variety of roleplay, fun, and discussion channels, as well as through our in-game chat channel "/join Wolfcult" and on our website the

Contained within these pages, under the "The Wolf Cult" category, are all you need to know about the canon (and fanon) the group uses, how the group operates, and how you can get involved.


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The Wolf Cult