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Guild Perks
What is the Wolfheart Pack?


The Darkwood Company, lead by Raedolf Yaeger of Pyrewood, is now hiring the following for monster hunting endevours.

- Monster Hunters

- Independent Witchhunters

- Adventurers and Explorers

- Private Investigators

- Headhunters and Assassins

- Supernatural Experts

- Survivalists and Huntsmen

- As well as scholars and trade skill professionals in search of employment and adventure. Blacksmiths, Folklorist Scribes, Tailors, and Engineers, as well as Horse Handlers, Herbalists, and Alchemists.

Applicants are expected to be literate, comfortable in the wild, observant and aware, and should be able to demonstrate teamwork, solve problems in stressed environments. Further equipment, training, lodging, food, and other resources will be provided.

Owning a horse and your choice of weapon is strongly recommended. Those interested by visit or write to Mr Yaeger at Darkwood Keep, Westfall.

The Darkwood Pack Discord